cloudy osmium tetroxide

From:Sue Pearce-Kelling

We are experiencing a recurrent problem with the osmium tetroxide 
crystals going into solution (4g/100ml of MilliQ distilled water or 
glass distilled water).  The solutions are cloudy, not clear as they 
have always been in the past.  We have tried changing glassware, 
checked the water etc.  The source of the osmium is a very reputable 
company that we have always gotten the OsO4 from in the past and they 
are willing to replace our osmium stocks & solutions but if we can 
avoid shipping all of this hazardous material we would like to.  Does 
anyone know if filtering the cloudy OsO4 suspension would be an 

Thank you,
Sue Pearce-Kelling
CCGR, James Baker Institute
Cornell University


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