What does underprocessed tissue look like

From:Gayle Callis

Hmmm, opaque, white looking mush! Often you can squeeze water out of the
tissue or smell solvents ie xylene.  It may be sunken in the middle, or
when you push on center, gently to not damage tissue, the center of sample
is depressed into the mush.

No, but you can reprocess it by reversing the schedule.  Remove paraffin
with xylene 2 changes (rather than xylene substitute although that may work
a bit more slowly, and is sensitive to water,  then absolute 2 - 3 changes.
 Since it is the water that isn't removed, don't bother to go back further,
you don't need to rehydrate tissue! After three changes of absolute, clear
and infiltrate longer. Vacuum and pressure will help.  You will probably
end up doing this by hand with a repeat of processing times you used

Good luck
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