You could use about any vascular tissue for a VEGF control, I like tonsil
because it is not all over the place, just a few isolated areas.  Finding a
positive control for VEGF is not a problem, my problem is finding a neg.
tissue control, I use cartilage even though it is not easy to work with and
even cartilage is not completely avascular.  Someone suggested toe nails or
hair but they are also very difficult to work with.  Any of you anatomy
guru's got any ideas for neg. tissue control for VEGF?

Original Message:
From: Anne Undersander
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 06:28:45 -0500
Subject: VEGF response

Thanks for responses on supplier for VEGF antibody.  One more questions. 
What type of tissue would you use as a positive control?

Anne Undersander HT(ASCP)
Vet. Med./Animal Science
University of Minnesota

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