Sorval MT2 Repair Summary

From:Jen Wyffels & Greg Shafer


Thanks to everyone who sent replies about repairing a Sorval MT2.  If you know of any other options please reply.  Below is a summary of the responses I received FYI.        

1.  Ken Hart at Dorn and Hart Microedge in Villa Park, IL. PH: 630-832-3843.
          They do not repair ultramicrotomes.
2.  Vibratome
They are unable to repair these microtomes due to a lack of personnel with the expertise to properly service them to Vibratome’s standards.
3.  Microscopy Labs
They do repair these microtomes, but at their location only. 
61 West Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
732 747 6228
            fax 732 758 9142

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