Re: tissue left out

From:"Ms. Evelyn Kaplan"

Good morning,

There are a few recipes for this problem. Sanderson's fluid, Ruffer's
solution and an alcoholic/glycerol mixture. All usually say the leave
overnight and then process from dehydration step.

Sanderson's :
96% ethanol   30 parts
1% formaldehyde 50 parts
5% aq. sod. carbonate 20 parts

Ruffer's :
Water   50 parts
Abs alcohol   30 parts
5% sod. carbonate  20 parts

Taken from Bancroft and Stevens, Chapter 3(4th edition) (also see Culling,
Allison and Barr):
70% ethanol   70 cm3
glycerol            30cm3
diothionate       1g

Use a section adhesive after cutting these samples

Evelyn Kaplan
Dept of Pathology,
Sultan Qaboos University,
Muscat, Oman

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