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Since nobody responded to this posting, I would like to give you a
One option for beginners is to learn FISH in your lab by purchasing a tissue
FISH kit.

We carry "Tissue FISH Starter Kits" with a chromosome X probe (with
digoxigenin-labeled or directly labeled probe) and  SkipDewax.  With the use
of SkipDewax, you do not have to use toxic xylene for dewaxing. (If you wish
to wish to use Xylene, no problem).   The whole FISH process takes about 5
hrs.   What you need in your lab is an oven, a water bath, and a
fluorescence microscope.    For more detailed information, please visit
"Insitus Biotechnologies" website at  If you have
any further questions, please email to us at

In C. Kim
Insitus Biotechnologies

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Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 3:24 PM
Subject: in-situ hybridization

> Can anyone recommend any professional short training course classes for
> learning fluorescent in situ hybridization techniques?  Particularly in
> relation to identifying gene copy number and chromosomal location.
> I figured since immunoassays in histology frequently utilize in situ
> hybridization techniques, someone here might just know of a course that
> would be of use to me.
> Thank you for your time,
> Phil Wan

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