Re: chicken embryo development

For as long as I can remember Hamburger and Hamilton J. Morphology (1951)
889:49-92 has been a standard for embryonic staging of chick development.
Dr. Hamburger just passed away this past year, he was 100 years old and
quite renowned for his work in embryology.There are quite a few books out
there...I did a search for "chick development" and happily came up with a
few atlases.  Here  is the one that shows up the most. Let me know if you
find one with particular interest in histology.  anita
 The atlas of chick development The atlas of chick development / Ruth   
 Bellairs and Mark Osmond. San Diego : Academic Press, c1998. Chickens  
 --Embryos --Atlases. Chickens --Development --Atlases. xii, 323 p. :   
 ill. ; 31 cm.                                                                                         

 Academic Pr; ISBN: 0120847906


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