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Hi Vicki,
I have an old method for Lendrum's Dahlia which involves the use of 1%aq
Methyl Violet or 1%aq Dahlia from Culling's Handbook of Histopathological
Staining Methods  (second edition) published by Butterworth in 1963.
The method is:
stain in 1% aq Methyl Violet for 3mins
Differentiate in a 70% solution of formaldehyde( can use 1% Acetic Acid but
Culling recommends the latter for a more stable result.)
wash slide running water
flood slide with saturated aqueous sodium chloride 5 minutes
Rinse in water and mount using an aqueous mountant.
results : Amyloid  Pink to Red
             Other elements  Violet.
I do not have a method for Alcian Green but have a seen somewhere that
Amyloid has a Sialic Acid component which has stained lightly with Alcian
Blue 8G.
Ian Clarke
Northern Ireland.
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Subject: Special Stains for Amyloid Demonstration

> Hello~
> Does anyone have the procedures for the following stains for Amyloid
> demonstration?...
> 1)    Lendrum's Alcian Green
> 2)    Lendrum's Dahlia Method
> I have come across these in reference only, and have not been able to
> find the procedures in any of my books...any info would be a great
> help!!  Thanks so much!
> Vicki

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