Re: Re-enbedding SPURR

From:Patsy Ruegg

what i do is cut away as much as the plastic as possible to try and expose
the tissue and then start reinfiltrating as if it were fresh tissue and

Fabien Fuente wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> We are using Spurr for a while on rather big samples (about 1cm3). After
> several successful embedded samples, we had recently experienced some
> troubles with our last samples.
> The resin didnot polymerized well in the center of the sample. We end up
> with gummy and soft resin in the center of the sample.
> As these samples are valuable, did anyone know a technique to remove this
> unpolymerized resin and re-embed the entire sample without losing the
> samples.
> Thank you.
> Fabien Fuente
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