Re: H pylori and special stains

Hello Pam, Tom and others,
    Thanks for the input on the prospective vs retrospective ordering of 
special stains for H pylori on gastric biopsies.  The info has been most 
helpful and I see the practice is not uniform from group to group.  
    My group is a little split on a blanket prospective special stain order 
vs a bit more discretionary approach and this was the reason for my inquiry.
     Yes, I do realize pathologists can self-refer but of course that could 
be seen as abuse depending on how contributory the stain is.  I don't want to 
touch off a string of defensive posts on this matter - I am just exploring a 
bit.  I did notice this very topic also debated on Path-L.  Some argue well 
for prospective H pylori staining as do those against the practice.  I am 
trying to balance thinking on the part of those seeing dollar signs, those a 
bit more cost conscious and all shades of gray in between - again making no 
accusations of my own for those of you who came down on one side or the other.
    Thanks again for your help.
K Whittenburg

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