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the problem with this is that the attending physician/surgeon OR probably
did not know that the patient was CJD + since this diagnosis can only be
made on the biopsy tissue or post-mortem tissue examination.  however, they
likely did have a suspicion that the patient was CJD + and should have noted
this on the pathology requisition so that alternate handling could have been
arranged so all the routine equipment wouldn't be contaminated.

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> I would certainly initiate an incident report re: the communication
deficiency between attending physician/surgeon/O.R. and the pathology lab.
Submitting departments must be held responsible for safely submitting all
specimens to our labs. I recently received a breast biopsy with the
localization wire and un-sheathed needle still attached. It was submitted
fresh, in a ziplock specimen bag... Fortunately the nurse, courier,
accessioner and grosser-de jour (myself) were not impaled.
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> Hi Juanita,
> Unfortunately, you can not completely decontaminate. Best is to empty all
> containers on your processor into plastic waste bottles, double bag and
> down outside with bleach. Fill empty containers with bleach (full
strength) or
> 1N NaOH and let sit overnight. Wipe down the microtome with bleach or 1N
> but be sure to rinse well as both are very corrosive. I have always
changed out
> the embedding center paraffin and wiped down all surfaces which may have
> contaminated. If your water bath has a glass dish, soak that overnight in
> as well.
> All CJD waste must be incinerated. Also, here at least, the custodians and
> anyone else who may come into contact MUST be told that this is CJD waste
> instructed on how to dispose of it. Under NO circumstances should it be
put into
> a landfill....autoclaved or not!!! We ran into this problem here, because
> Someone decided that we did not need incineration services anymore and
> contracted for autoclaving only and putting in landfill (DUMB!!!!). That
> until we had a CJD case. THey actually had to track the trash pickup to
> state...and arrange for incineration. Really a mess!!! IF you have any
> questions, feel free to contact me. We do most of the CJD cases for the
> Good luck.
> LuAnn Anderson HT(ASCP)
> University of MInnesota
> Neuropathology Lab
> >
> > We processed a brain bopsy and was told 2 days later it was CJD.  How do
> > decontaminate the micrtotome , processor , and embedding center?
> > Thanks
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