RE: The future of Histotechs

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I am gratified to hear that you and your coworkers have achieved higher education and certification. this will be key for a secure future in the discipline. Many never imagined that the much of what we do in histology could be automated. However, next year Sakura will begin shipping an instrument that automatically embeds tissuues., Can an instrument that automatically sections tissue blocks be very far away?
all the more reason for histotechs to be educated and versatile and to remain current with technological advances.
Vinnie Della Speranza

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To add a youngsters view. . .

I received a BS in biology and found my career path in Histology.  In addition, my college offered a semester long histology course-which I took not knowing what I was getting my self into-ha:) I currently work in a contract lab that concentrates on animal tissues.To add some demographics from my place of employment the majority of my coworkers are 30 and younger -4 have their BS in biology with a HTL, 8 more employees with a BS in biology and 5 with A.S. in histology with their HT. From other comments I assume this is unusual, but maybe this will give some hope that there are some youngsters learning the trade.I didn't know about Histology until my college course. Perhaps, getting colleges and universities to offer courses would be an avenue to open up more career paths.

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