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Another of my 2-cents....
ASCP actually took out a full-page ad in the Biology Teachers journal or magazine recently, with information about the laboratory fields certified by ASCP as a viable option for biology-minded people.

Also, there's nothing wrong with targeting even younger audiences -- get involved with elementary, middle and high schools for career day participation -- you don't have to be smooth, just excited about your jobs! NSH and ASCP have materials that you can use as hand-outs, or take some slides to show under a scope -- maybe a section of a hot dog or a a worm for the little ones!

All this talk is great! keep it up and get us into action!
Glenda Hoye, again 

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Tim Morken wrote:

"I feel the real issue is that people are unaware the field even exists."

I believe Tim hit the nail on the head, and now I feel compelled to throw in my 2 cents.  Is there any way histology could be promoted at a high school level?  With all it's hands-on science, I think histology could be a very interesting part of a high school biology class.  Or it could even be integrated into some broader college science classes.  Which leads me to another question: who could/would promote it?  NSH or state societies?  Possibly some pathology product manufacturers? If you build it, will they come?  Somebody tell me if I'm out of my mind here.  

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