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Don and others,
I'll jump in now because Don's question points out to me that many are unaware that Sakura has prepared a career video for the NSH that is available from the NSH office. I think it runs about 15 minutes and explain what we do in histology and how one can enter the field. They also publish a career booklet entitled "The ARt and Science of Histotechnology" that includes a listing of histo programs. Don't hold me to this last piece but I think I heard that Sakura may be updating the booklet and video now. the booklet I have was printed in 1995
These materials are available through the NSH office to anyone who has an interest in speaking to local high schools. When I was region 1 director several years ago, I obtained career videos and booklets for each state in the region so that those states could encourage and equip individuals like us at the local level to speak to the kids in high school. Obviously NSH doesn't have the resources to send people to speak at your local high school but it can provide you with resources that will help you to do so.
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Tim Morken wrote:

"I feel the real issue is that people are unaware the field even exists."

I believe Tim hit the nail on the head, and now I feel compelled to throw in my 2 cents.  Is there any way histology could be promoted at a high school level?  With all it's hands-on science, I think histology could be a very interesting part of a high school biology class.  Or it could even be integrated into some broader college science classes.  Which leads me to another question: who could/would promote it?  NSH or state societies?  Possibly some pathology product manufacturers? If you build it, will they come?  Somebody tell me if I'm out of my mind here. 

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