RE: Questions about staining solutions.

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We change our solutions for M. Trichromes every two weeks, and they are used
daily with slide counts ranging from 5 to 50 or more per day.


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Subject: Questions about staining solutions.

I'm trying to set up a schedule for changing the stains we use in our Mikrom
Robot Stainer. However, I'm having a problem figuring out how long some of
the stains are usable. 

For H&E stains, I've found some literature suggesting the hematoxylin can be
used for up to 6 months, some say 2 months, others say depending on the pH.
Does anyone know what the pH for a good hematoxlin stain should be? How
often should the hematoxylin be changed?

We also use the Robot Stainer for Masson TriChrome stains. We've got a
changing schedule for all the solutions except Biebrich Scarlet/Acid Fuchsin
solution and Aniline Blue Stain solution. Any suggestions as to how often
these solutions should be changed?

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Coleman
Pharmacology, Canji
Schering-Plough Co. 

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