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From:Walzer Susan

That is true. I guess my point is that the doctors think they are saving
time by using auto-orders when in fact the H&E is still the best place to
decide what should be ordered. We also do work for another hospital who
routinely orders alcian blues on the embedding sheet. Just as we were
sending them 4 alcian blue stain slides, they called to cancel all 4. Our
lab is too busy to be doing work that is not needed. *(plus we bill our
sister hospital by whay they bill, so we did not get payed for doing that

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Susan Walzer said:

 (we) had to put the brake on
auto-alcian blue on oesophageal bx's as they sometimes change their minds
and want pas for fungus instead and then it is too late.

You could do a combined PAS/Alcian blue.

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