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From:Andrew Shand

That's the serious point of course.  Money may not be a motivator but if you
want to solve a shortage of recruits to histopathology pay them more money.
Why is it that in the UK thats the last solution anyone will come up with?
(Before you say it I know the answers!)

Andy Shand

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Subject: Great pay!!!! RE: New Job Postings

Hey, I like that job in Monterey CA that pays $48,000 per HOUR! They won't
have any trouble finding someone. In fact....


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Hello Histonetters,

I just wanted to update you on some new positions we have 
recently added to

Cytotechs - Unipath - Denver, CO
Histotechs - Unipath - Denver, CO
Histotechnician-Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine
Histotechnologist-Memorial Healthcare System-Hollywood, FL
Just to name a few.

Please go to to view all 
postings across the country or to post your open positions.

Scott Glasgow
VP of Operations

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