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Well, your nudge back to the original topic made me go looking. here are some pages from the ASCP webite. Htere is not much specifically relating to histology, but you can extrapolate from clinical lab figures.
The best overview for general lab is:
It has some interesting tidbits, especially in slide #28 showing ages of current lab personnel. It shows that 25 percent of lab personnel are over age 50. So it is reasonalble to assume we will lose at least 25 percent of the current personnel to retirement in the next 20 years (not 50 -70 percent)
The author also argues that labs cannot "buy" their way out of the shortage through higher salaries.
A site from American Hospital Association on building a healthcare workforce
Here is a website discussing the lack of people taking the ASCP registry exam;
and here is a paragraph from that site:
<<Just how extensive is the shortage of laboratory personnel? Kory Ward-Cook, PhD, MT (ASCP), FACB, Vice President of the ASCP Board of Registry in Chicago, Ill., says that although ASCP is certifying about 2,400 medical technologists a year. The number of new MTs has fallen from 5,318 graduates in 1983 to 2,491 in 1999. The 2000 national vacancy rate for MT staff is now at 11.1%. The ASCP estimates that as a result of the retirements that are anticipated in the field of clinical laboratory medicine over the next 5 to 10 years, there will continue to be a need for an additional 4,000 to 5,000 people on an annual basis. "When we combine those two factors-more people retiring and fewer people coming into the profession-we're really looking at a major workforce shortage heading our way," she explains. >>
And here is something about a prospective study by the ASCP
Tim Morken
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I am glad to see everyone is as interested as I am in the future, the only thing is that I have no pointers to where I can find definitive information on specific facts and figures. I would like pointers on where to look or names of actual studies.
Again thanks in advance
A. Kevin Williams

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