Murine CD 4 once again

I can only confirm everything Gayle wrote. We established several protocols
for  mouse surface markers in zinc TRIS fixed tissue.
The morphology is really good, no pretreatments are necessary. For CD4  we
use clone H129.19 from BD Pharmingen.

Antje Marcantonio
Novartis Pharma AG, Basel

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Gayle Callis  on 16.10.2002 17:13:54

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Subject:    Murine CD 4 once again

This has been extensively discussed on Histonet, and no, frozen sections
fixed with acetone (we use acetone alcohol mixture) seems to be the only
way this works well WITH the exception of using a FORMALIN free fixative,
called Zinc Fixative (NOT Zinc formalin, PLEASE!) found on BD Pharmingen
website.  This fixative permits good fixation of T cell surface markers,
can do paraffin, morphology is good.  We prefer to call it Zinc TRIS here,
to not confuse it with zinc formalin.

FFPE embedded tissues for murine CD4, even with retrievals or digestions
fail to produce results for those of us in the mouse world.

At 09:17 AM 10/16/02 -0400, you wrote:
>     If anybody knows of such an antibody could they tell me too?
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>  Histoland,   A student in our lab has looked every where for a CD 4
>antibody that works
>on formalin fixed Paraffin embedded mouse tissues. Is there anyone out
>that has one that works???    Thanks for your help,   Jennifer Harvey
>University of Rochester
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