abusive language

From:Susan Owens

Kathy, on other list serves that I subscribe to, the 'LIST' owner/moderator
has the ability to 'UNSUBSCRIBE' anyone who crosses the line.. The use of
profane or obscene language, verbal attacks, etc. are not tolerated nor
should they be. Seems like anyone being abusive on this 'listserve' should
be told to take an 'ice cold shower' and 'cool it'...If they don't then they
should be 'unsubscribed' by the list owner/moderator.
I for one don't care to read such childish behavior and find it offensive.

Susan Owens-HT

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I do apologize for the rough language, but I've had just
about enough from
this person.  Is there any possible way of preventing them
from accessing
Histonet in the future?

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