VIR Animal Processing Manual

The VIR (Veterinary, Industry, and Research) Committee of the National 
Society for Histotechnology has done a wonderful job in producing an Animal 
Processing Manual.  It was edited by Gayle Callis and Diane Sterchi and they 
did a terrific job of collating procedures for processing everything from 
small animals to large animals, from birds and chickens to marine and 
reptiles.  There are sections on processing dental tissue, eyes, bone, and 
dense tissues such as a horse hoof.  Plastic processing is also included.  If 
you process animal tissue, you need this manual.  It is available from NSH 
for $30 for members and $50 for non-members, and it includes a CD-ROM. It is 
listed on the NSH web site at

Thanks again Gayle and Diane.

Freida Carson, Ph.D., HT(ASCP)
Education Chair, NSH

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