Re: mouse tissue processing


Ron -
I process strictly mouse tissue - my protocol is 45 min in each station, 2x
STF, 50% ETOH, 70% ETOH, 2x95% ETOH, 2x100% ETOH, 2x xylene, and 2x paraffin -
for a total of 9 hours.  I could probably go shorter, but this seems to work
well for all tissue types, even teensy adrenals.  If the tissue has been fixed
for 24-48 hours, I skip the STF (Strecks Tissue Fixative) and start off in
Good Luck.
Jackie O'

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                    "Martin, Ronald"                                                                                
                    10/08/2002 08:30          Subject:     mouse tissue processing                                  

Fellow techs,
How long of a processing schedule would you use for mouse skin, pancreas and
salivary glands? 8 hours? 9 hours? 15 hours? A post doc I am doing work for
requested  a 15 hour processing schedule  now the tissue (esp. pancreas) is
dry (not overly dry but dry enough) and is difficult to section. I think a
shorter processing schedule will make the tissue easier to section. Any

Thanks in advance,
Ron Martin

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