Re: block disposal

From:Vicki Gauch

 We keep our slides and blocks for 20 years. When we dispose of them, they are considered hazardous waste and are packaged as we do our specimens for disposal. We put the blocks in double red bags which are then placed in a hard form fiber box, which is labeled with our generator labels,etc. and sent out for incineration.  Our slides are packed into large white sharps containers, sealed and sent through our hazardous waste disposal.

Albany, NY

>>> Laurie Colbert  10/15/02 06:10PM >>>
I know this topic has been discussed previously, but I never paid that much attention since our policy was to keep everything!  I've finally persuaded our pathologists that we need to dump slides and blocks and I want to know how others have handled the disposal of blocks.  Thanks in advance.

Laurie Colbert

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