Re: abusive language

From:Susan Bell

In our house we call them the younger brother . . .ignore him and he 
might stop bugging you!


At 10:01 AM -0700 10/12/02, Lesley Weston wrote:
>In the news groups, they are called "trolls". The best treatment is to
>ignore them, as they get their jollies by reading all the outraged responses
>to their objectionable postings. So if nobody reacts by posting an answer,
>they just wither away from lack of attention.
>Lesley Weston.
>on 12/10/2002 1:53 AM, Susan Owens at wrote:
>>  Kathy, on other list serves that I subscribe to, the 'LIST' owner/moderator
>>  has the ability to 'UNSUBSCRIBE' anyone who crosses the line.. The use of
>>  profane or obscene language, verbal attacks, etc. are not tolerated nor
>>  should they be. Seems like anyone being abusive on this 'listserve' should
>>  be told to take an 'ice cold shower' and 'cool it'...If they don't then they
>>  should be 'unsubscribed' by the list owner/moderator.
>  > I for one don't care to read such childish behavior and find it offensive.
>  >


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