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From:Patsy Ruegg

I learned that it is bad luck to watch a Bronco monday night football
game from the Rock Bottom brewery in Long Beach, seriously though, when
I get a chance
I will put together a synopsis of some important things I learned at the
NSH S/C 2002.
Patsy Ruegg

"Morken, Tim" wrote:

>  Cheryl wrote: < improved for those of us who couldn't make it?>>
> I learned that Rockbottoms in Long Beach has a very good Octoberfest
> lager. And the smoked-chicken enchiladas were good as well. TimAtlanta
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>      Hi everybody!  So how was the NSH national meetings?  COUld
>      people share something they learned new or improved for
>      those of us who couldn't make it?
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