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From:Patsy Ruegg

I am sorry you were treated badly, there is no reason for it and please
don't judge the rest of us by this person.  Contact ASCP at
and look under the board of registry for details on registering for the
ASCP HT/HTL from South Africa.  With your background ASCP registration may
not be required to work at some places in the USA.  It depends on the
institution and with todays staff shortages some have to be a little more
open in background training acceptance issues.  Often foreign training and
education is not accepted by ASCP to register unless you came from a place
that was CAP certified.
Patsy Ruegg

dana wrote:

> I did not expect this kind of reply from a professional. Thanks any way.
> Dana
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> > I am a qualified technologist registered with the Health Professions
> Council
> > of South Africa as a histology technologist. Can someone give me more
> > information about the requirements to register with the ASCP. Is
> > registration with the ASCP a must for one to work in the US?
> >
> > Dan
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