Re: CD31 (PECAM-1) antibody


I am using CD31 PECAM-1 (rat anti mouse) from PharMingen, catalog 553370.  I
am getting absolutely gorgeous results using a direct technique on paraffin
sections - HOWEVER - my tissues are fixed in STF, (Streck zinc fixative)  not
formalin. The technical data sheet for this antibody actually shows an IHC
photo of a zinc-fixed paraffin section.    I don't mean to sound like a
commercial for STF - but it really does have it's benefits.  I've only been
using it for 3 months, and I'm still trying to work out bugs in my IHC that
may be caused by STF, (rbc's won't quench unless you add NaN3 to the H202) but
for my CD31, which is my 'biggie' - it's been great.  If any of you have
horror stories about IHC and STF, please relate them - as I can really use a
good slap in the head if I have some pitfalls down the road that I don't know
about!!!   All comments are welcome!!

Jacqueline M. O'Connor HT(ASCP)
Abbott Laboratories
GPRD  Discovery Chemotheraputics

                    "Caldas, Hugo"                                                                                         
                                                     Subject:     CD31 (PECAM-1) antibody                                  
                    10/10/2002 03:49 PM                                                                                    

Does anyone know of a commercial source of CD31 antibody (against mouse) to
would work on formalin-fixed paraffin embeded sections?
It seems most companies carry them for frozen sections only.

Thanks for your help

Hugo Caldas
Columbus Children's Hospital
Columbus, OH

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