Re: Buffer recipe

I'm not sure Soerensen's buffer is the proper buffer to Giemsa.  The salt
combinations in buffers can effect  staining.  Have you tried the Gurr
tablets from Merck?
Rande Kline
EM Science

marina goumenou  on 10/05/2002 04:25:47 PM

Subject:    Buffer recipe

Hello to everybody!

Your suggestions for my May Grunwald - Giemsa problems were really very
helpfull. However, I stained my slides with dye solutions in Soerensen
buffer pH 6,8 but they appeared to be too blue. So I intent to use even
lower pH value (something like 6,0 or 6,2). Does anybody have a recipe for
apropriate buffer (Soerensen or anything you think) in these pH values?
Thanking you in advance
Best Regards
Marina Goumenou
Athens - Greece

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