Re: Automated Coverslipper

If I remember correctly, doesn't Sakura also have a coverslipper which used
glass coverslips?

Ross Stapf  on 10/09/2002 12:31:10 PM

Subject:    Re: Automated Coverslipper

We use the Sakura Tape Coverslipper.  It is much faster.  Once you get it
going it is very easy to maintain.


Get some slides which have been coverslipped with the tape Coverslipper and
have all of your Pathologists read them.  Some Pathologists absolutely hate
the appearance of the tape coverslip.

Also many people have had problems with old slides coverslipped with the
tape.  The coverslip lifts off and the section comes with it.  To combat
this problem if you choose the Sakura, ensure that there is adequate
clearing of the slide in Xylene and that enough Xylene is getting on every
slide in the cover slipping process.  Also if you can store your slides in
a controlled environment with constant temperature and humidity, this will
help prevent this as well.

Ross Stapf

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