Re: A dye by any name would stain as red?

From:Nancy E Weber

I have a Basic Fuchsin Hydrochloride bottle from JT***** and its catalog #
is B660-03, its C.I. # is 42510, its CAS # is 632-99-5. I don't know when
this bottle was ordered, but personally I've always ordered by the company
catalog #. I would go with the Basic Fuchsin Hydrochloride.

Nancy Weber
Research Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Ohio State University
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From: "Bruce Gapinski" 
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Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 2:01 PM
Subject: A dye by any name would stain as red?

> Does anyone else still make their own Kinyoun's Carbol Fuchsin Solution
> the AFB stain? If so, maybe you can help me. When you reorder Basic
> do you go by the C.I. # (color index) or the catalogue #? I was taught to
> by CI #. It's been many years since I last ordered and my bottle had the
> # B660-3 CI # 42500. So I pulled my order card and more dye from JT *****,
> through V**. The bottle I received was named Basic Fuchsin Hydrochloride.
> the old bottle didn't have "Hydrochloride" on the label but what's more is
> that the CI number was wrong! It was Cat # B660-03 (right #) and CI #
> 42510(wrong CI#) I called V** and asked for a bottle with the correct CI
> number (42500). I got it. Its name is Pararosanilin Hydrochloride CI
> No mention of Basic Fuchsin anywhere on the label. Just looked it up in
> AFIP, Ann Preece, and F.Carson's books- no mention of CI number. Which dye
> would you use? Or am I'm going to have to do some QA with these two dyes?
> Respectfully,
> Bruce Gapinski

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