RE: storage of archive tissue in formalin

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Morning Jennifer,
	I have stored for over 20 years as follows:

		95% ethanol			70ml
		glycerine(-ol)			20ml
		water				  5ml

	Without concern for precision, this makes 70% ethanol that is a
little more than 20% in glycerol.

	I use a screw cap or cork on a small vial.  Then I invert and seal
with melted beeswax or paraffin.  As long as the temperature doesn't bounce
from freeze to "sweat" frequently, this method has worked nicely.  
	But then, one must have a very good reason to want to go to all of
this trouble.   
	I haven't used "Formalin" for almost 20 years - it is laced with
methanol which only retards the rate of HCHO oxidation to HCOOH.  Old
"Formalin" is not nearly as reliable as old Paraformaldehyde from which one
can make fresh formaldehyde whenever one wishes.


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Subject: storage of archive tissue in formalin

Hello All.
In our animal research facility we keep paraffin blocks indefinitely, but we
only keep residual tissues in formalin for 6 months.  I was wondering how
long others store their tissues for.
Thank you for your replies.

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Subject: question on expiration date for archive tissue in formalin

A question has come up about expiration date for formalin in containers
where tissue is stored in archives for long periods of time.  We are
research facility and keep residual tissues from study animals for 8 - 10
years after study completion.  Should there be expiration dates on the
container (whether it is bags or plastic containers) to indicate the
expiration of the 10% NBF.

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