RE: mounting media for automatic coverslipper

From:"Bartlett, Jeanine"

We use the Richard Allan mounting media and it works very well.  However,
since it is not compatible with picric acid (can't coverslip Gram stains
with it) I am considering trying Permount.

Jeanine Bartlett, HT(ASCP)
Centers for Disease Control
Infectious Disease Pathology Activity
1600 Clifton Rd., N.E.  MS-G32
Atlanta, GA  30333 

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Subject: mounting media for automatic coverslipper

We are using a Leica automatic coverslipper which we love, and Richard Allan
signature series coverslips.... we have had no trouble for years.  Lately
however we are getting air bubbles under the coverslips about a week after
they have been coverslipped.  What type of mounting media are most of the
Leica users using?  Thanks!

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