RE: charges for multiple specimens in 1 bottle

From:"Weems, Joyce"

It is my understanding that if the pathologist gives separate diagnoses for
each specimen you can charge per specimen.  It is not container driven. 

Joyce Weems
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Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
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What kind of specimens?  Skin bx?  I used to get 3-4 skin bx per bottle that
the dermatologist inked different colors - we could only charge for one
specimen, even tho they were 3-4 different sites.   I don't think you can
charge for 3 specimens if you have one container.


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                                            Subject:     charges for
multiple specimens in 1 bottle               
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We recently recieved a specimen with 3 biopsies in one bottle, yes I know
crazy. My question is can we charge 3X's, the specimens can be identified
Thanks for your help

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