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But Adrian!!!!
    Please don't leave!  We have always known that Ab's are, in the end, only fancy stains that have been adapted to other uses - just like oligonucleotides.   Molecular biologists and immunologists have always (to their dismay?) been working for US.  So, please don't sever the ties that give REAL substance and meaning to your work.  Everything you will do, in the end, will be justified by an HISTO-view.  Anyway, we need to keep a couple immunologists around to tell us how to prepare the things, and why they sometimes don't work.
Histology brings all biology (and -ists) together at the nexus of structure and function.  You are an inseparable part of US now, and,  just like a "Soprano", you may not, without dissent from us, become an antidisestablishmentarian(-ist)!
However, and if you insist,
Best of luck and fond regards,
Fred Monson

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To all my histocolleagues:
I want to thank you all for the enlightenment and entertainment you have provided me over the past 2+ years.
I am not any variety of histologist, but a biochemist.  I did some histology in high school in 1963, and loved it, then left it for 37 years.  After being out of work for 2 years, Cytologix (Cambridge, MA) were kind enough to give me a job (essentially as a programmer), and I worked my way back into the lab, and really enjoyed it.  My chemistry and general scientific training gave me a leg-up on staining, and I was happy to apply them to help develop their special stains, and adapt them to the Artisan.  During this time, I regularly read and enjoyed the Histonet, even contributed a few comments here and there without being shot down in flames.
After I was laid off a year ago, I kept up with the Histonet; you guys helped keep my spirits up, and I am very grateful.  I have now just started back in a job in my previous speciality (immunoassay), and, although I would like to, I haven't the time to keep up with histology anymore.
So, thank you, Vinnie, John, Ian, Gayle, Louise, Bob, Steve, Laurie, Fred, Allison, Pam, Andy, Richard, Betsy, Peggy, and so many others.  You've been great companions, and I shall miss you.
Adrian Leek.

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