RE: P53 in ffpe mouse tissue

From:Otis Lyght

Hi Kathleen,
We are currently using a p53 antibody from Novacastra Lab in the UK. Their products can also be purchased through Vector Labs. The catalog number is NCL-p53-CM5p. I hope this will work for you also.

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From: Kathleen Cormier [mailto:cormier@MIT.EDU]
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 10:57 AM
Subject: P53 in ffpe mouse tissue

Hello All!

I am looking for a p53 antibody that will stain ffpe mouse tissue.  The 
archives have proved to be very useful but I have yet to locate a p53 that 
will work in mouse. Can anyone help? I currently use micro antigen 
retriveval, and SAHRP to detect. Thanks!!

Kathy Cormier
Histology Supervisor
Divsion of Comparative Medicine

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