RE: Chloroacetate Esterase

From:"Martin, Ronald"

I think that if these unprofessional emails are originating from their place
of employment then perhaps their superiors should know of their behavior and
they definitely should be banned from histonet. Enough is enough!!!
Ron Martin

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		I do apologize for the rough language, but I've had just
about enough from
		this person.  Is there any possible way of preventing them
from accessing
		Histonet in the future?

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		> We are using Sigma's Chloroacetate Esterase kit, and are
doing one on a B5
		> fixed bone marrow slide.  Our problem is thus:  Both
myself and the stains
		> tech recall in the recesses of our collective memories,
that Na
		> to remove the mercury pigment produces a false negative
for this test.
		> Is there anyone else out there that confirms or
contradicts this??  We are
		> reluctant to proceed and possibly ruin a slide, as well,
we do not want to
		> stain it, and leave a bunch of mercury which may impair
		> Your help is greatly appreciated!
		> Kathy Johnston
		> Tech II - Special Stains
		> Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
		> Calgary Laboratory Services
		> Ph - 403-944-4760
		> Fax - 403-270-4093

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