RE: Automated Coverslippers

From:"Salcedo, Rudy"

We use the ThermoShandon, Coverslipper with Richard Allan Mounting media to
coverslip H&E and IHC slides we have not had any problems with it but a few

Rudy Salcedo
Research Assistant II  
Sealy Center For Environmental Health & Medicine
Research Histopathology Core Lab
Galveston, Texas

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		Sent:	Wednesday, October 09, 2002 9:00 AM
		Subject:	Automated Coverslippers

		Hi Histonetters,
		I am requesting any Labs using automated coverslippers,
mainly for
		Immunohistochemistry and H&E staining, to give me their
comments and
		advantages/disadvantages. I need this feedback by the end of
this week, if
		possible, for our future purchase.
		Thanks in advance.

		Marilyn Johnson
		Alberta Agriculture
		Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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