RE: ASCP Registration

From:"Houston, Ronnie"

     You can get info about ASCP from their web-site,; 
     but no, registration with ASCP is not a pre-requisitie for
     in the US. You'll probably find that they won't recognise  South 
     African qualifications, they don't recognise ones from the UK.
     However, there exists a kind of double-edged sword regarding 
     employment for "aliens" (and I'm speaking from personnal
     You can't get a job without a work-visa, and you can't get a
     without a job. 
     You must have a prospective employer, who is willing to sponsor you

     for a work-visa, and you must also satisfy the INS that you are not

     taking a position from a suitably qualified US citizen.
     Either way, I would strongly advise you to seek the
     of an Immigration attorney. It can be done by an individual, but
     laws are so complex, and constantly changing it would (in my
     be exhaustive and probably futile.
     Your cause may be helped by the national shortage of histotechs,
     may also be hindered by the change in national security.
     If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to ask.
     Good luck
     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratories
     5801 Bremo Road
     Richmond, VA 23226

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Subject: ASCP Registration
Author:  "dana"  at MSGHub
Date:    10/8/02 7:14 AM

I am a qualified technologist registered with the Health Professions
of South Africa as a histology technologist. Can someone give me more 
information about the requirements to register with the ASCP. Is 
registration with the ASCP a must for one to work in the US?

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