Paragon stain source summary

From:Cathy Mayton

Dear Fellow Histonetters,
I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my posting regarding finding a source for the Paragon stain.  Below is a summary of those responses for others that may be interested. 
1)  You can make your own Paragon stain:

Dissolve 0.365 g of Toluidine Blue in 50 ml of 30% ethanol
then add 0.135 g of Basic Fuchsine and stir until dissolved.

I have seen some variations call for the addition of 0.75 g of sodium tetraborate but
this is not in the original recipe.

I believe the original references are:
Martin et al., Am. J. Clin Path. 46:250-251, 1966.
Spurlock et al., Am. J. Clin. Path. 46:252-258, 1966.
That's right, the papers are back to back in the same journal.

2)  I worked with Martin et al. and the sodium borate was added to the Paragon
stain to help the penetration into epon embedded sections.  The Paragon stain
was designed for frozen sections and was marketed by a company by the name of
Paragon.  The formula that appeared on the bottles of Paragon stain was as
Toluidine blue  CI 520040 ................0.73 gm
Basic fuchsin , CI 42510 ................0.27 g,
Ethyl alcohol, 30% ........................100 ml

If adding sodium borate, it must not be added to the bottle, as it affects
the stability, but is added to the stain on the slide - only a little pinch.

3)  I notice that the color index for the Basic Fuchsin in this formula is
42510. Would that be the same color index for Basic Fuchsin in Kinyoun's AFB

4)  A quick Internet search found the following:
5)  I am not sure that it is still manufactured, but I have my own version if you are interested.

Many thanks again to all who responded.  It is so nice to be a member of the Histo Family.
Have a super weekend!!
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