Chloroacetate Esterase

From:"Johnston, Kathy"

We are using Sigma's Chloroacetate Esterase kit, and are doing one on a B5
fixed bone marrow slide.  Our problem is thus:  Both myself and the stains
tech recall in the recesses of our collective memories, that Na thio/iodine
to remove the mercury pigment produces a false negative for this test.

Is there anyone else out there that confirms or contradicts this??  We are
reluctant to proceed and possibly ruin a slide, as well, we do not want to
stain it, and leave a bunch of mercury which may impair diagnosis.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Kathy Johnston
Tech II - Special Stains
Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
Calgary Laboratory Services
Ph - 403-944-4760
Fax - 403-270-4093

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