paraffin question

From:Rose Richardson

I have heard from other techs that embedding paraffin (Paraplast, among
others) tends to have some problems with stability. Some say that the
polymers will settle out and you need to stir it before using.  Also if you
keep it melted a long time  (not specified) that these polymers will
evaporate out and you loose there advantage in cutting.  ( note: this is
said to happen even if the temperature is kept at the proper level for the
type of paraffin.) We go through a lot of paraffin, so there is new in the
dispenser about every other day and we check the temp every day too.  I
stir it before dispensing, this is kind of difficult in the embedding
station, but can be done.  Has anyone heard of or had problems that could be
related to this? Are we just being over cautious?

PS  Sorry if you received message twice, I was not sure it was sent.

Rose Richardson
Senior Research Technologist
Lab Phone: 317-274-1591

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