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From:Debbie Pepperal

Hi Histonetters

2 queries.................


I am having a "bad hair" time with the p53 antibody!!!!!!!! I have always
used the p53 ( clone DO-7) from Dako without a hitch...has worked like a
charm....however, this beauty of an antibody now seems to produce a sludgy
background problem which we do not like. While Dako is trying to find a
solution, my boss needs results. I have tried just about every cleaning up
trick in the book;the next clean up is throw out!!!! I have tried the DO-7
clone from Biogenex and that produces a similar background problem. if
anyone is using a p53 antibody ( has to be the DO-7 clone though) which
works well; please let me know?


can anyone suggest a good housekeeping probe that I can use for in situ
hybridisation on formalin fixed paraffin embedded breast tissue. should
possibly be for mRNA ISH. I have a centromeric probe to chromosome 17,
would that be of any use?

thank you kindly

Zenobia Haffajee 

Zenobia Haffajee
Anatomical Pathology 
HAPS John Hunter Hospital
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