intestine cryosection problem

From:Tamara Howard

Help! I am futiley attempting to do an immuno on mouse intestine
cryosections - but the sections keep leaping off the slides after I fix in
acetone! I've tried silane, Plus slides, old-fashioned subbed
slides....They stick after formaldehyde fixation, but the antibody we are
using requires serious retrieval following formaldehyde (I'm doing that
immuno right now). Anyway - at this point it is just making me crazy and
I'd like to know how anyone gets around this nightmare. Or is it just us?
Someone else in my department has tried this before and gave up on acetone
- but there must be a way to get this to work!

So - bottom line - what is the magic to getting mouse intestine
cryosections to stick following acetone fixation?

Many thanks,

(a very frustrated) Tamara

 Tamara Howard
 Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
 University of New Mexico - Health Sciences Center
 Albuquerque, NM 87131

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