collagen SDS-PAGE

From:Todd Miller

Hi all.  I was wondering if anyone has a protocol for doing collagen gels.  
I've been running 5% non reducing SDS-PAGE gels to separate type I and III 
collagen from muscle tissue.  I've been using a delayed reduction technique 
where the dye front is run about 1/3 of the way into the separating gel, 
then the power is turned off and BME added to the wells to allow the type 
III collagen to migrate into the gel.  My gels look great, except the type 
III doesn't appear to be affected at all by the BME.  The alpha and beta 
chains run great, but there is a band right up near the wells that I'm 
assuming is the type III.  There is no visible difference between the 
reduced and non-reduced lanes.  Is it possible for BME to go bad?  I made 
everything myself, so I know there were no reducing agents in any of the 
buffers etc...  Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions?  

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