Removing scalpel blades

Jennifer Englin enquired recently about removing scalpel blades. Right on cue I received in the mail some literature from the Mopec company about that very subject. It is a strange looking plastic box looking like it is made of sharps container material. The are holes in the side where you slide in the scalpel and twist it (maybe?) to remove the blade.Mopec call it "The Quicksmart Blade removal system"
Mopecs telephone number is (800) 362 8491. I am sure they can send you the information.
Let me say up front that I have never tried this item, and I don't know how well it works, but I thought you would like to know that its out there. I don't own shares in their company either!

Mike Titford 
aka Lab safety officer
USA Pathology
Mobile AL

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