Re: info request about certification exam


You will need to contact ASCP for an application to take the QIHC exam.  You can
go to their web site at:
contact someone on the web site and ask them to send you the application.  Send
in your form to ASCP and they will tell you if you qualify to sit for the exam.
It sounds like you will qualify with no problem.  They will then sign you up and
give you the assignments, this is an all practical exam given twice a year at the
moment.  My group the IHCRG can help you find tissues and reagents you might not
have for the exam.  You can register with my committee by going to our web site
at:  download the membership form and sent it back to me.  You
must be a member on NSH to join the IHCRG committee, I can give you an NSH
membership application form if you are not already a member.  There is no cost to
join the group.
Patsy Ruegg wrote:

> Dear Patsy Ruegg:
> I am a mexican histotechnologist in charge of the immunohistochemistry lab at
> the Hospital of Higher Specialities # 25 of the Mexican Institute of Social
> Security in Monterrey, Mexico. I am interested in taking the ASCP
> certification exam in immunohistochemistry. Please send me detailed
> information about dates, places, costs, paper to submit, and all the
> requirements for that exam.
> In brief, I can tell you that I have more than three years devoted in full
> time to this area, and I have taken a six months course on
> immunohistochemistry at the Emory´s University Hospital in Atlanta, GA, from
> July-December of 1999.
> Thanks for your help or suggestions and greetings from Monterrey, Mexico.
> Ricardo Acosta-Garcia
> Nueva Independencia 308
> Colonia Independencia 64720
> Monterrey, N.L.
> Mexico
> Phone: (8) 190-54-94
> E-mail:

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