Re: buffer solutions

From:Connie McManus

The ATCC (American Type Culture Collection, Rockville MD)  has catalogues
that list every known buffer in them, their formulations and uses.  Or at
least they used to way back when I was doing tissue culture.  If you just
need the formuations, Sigma catalogue has buffer charts for Acetate buffer,
Citrate and Tris, but  nothing about application preferences of one buffer
over another .  ATCC is the best recommendation I can think of at
present... that's not saying much because I have no brain today.  My 3rd
grandchild was born yesterday!!  yippeee!

Connie McManus

At 01:12 PM 10/5/01 -0700, Susan Travers wrote:
>Does anyone know of a good reference for recipes and principles of 
>making buffer solutions? It would also be of interest to know what 
>the consequences of using different buffers (phosphate buffer, versus 
>tris, versus acetate etc) are.
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