Re: Wade Fite Stain (Hermina Borgerink)

The reasons for the oil mixtures used in the Fite and/or Wade stains for
deparaffinization is that older organisms often have a capsule that is harder
to stain and acid-fast components are often extracted by the use of xylene.
The oily mixtures not only have a protective quality, they also serve to
"refatten" the deteriorated baccili, making them easier to stain.  Please see
Theory and practice of Histotechnology by Sheehan and Hrapchak in the section
on microorganisms.


Rosalba Zumbo wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> We have found that sections are able to be deparrafinised without the messy
> use of oil mixtures. We previously used a mixture of turpentine and
> sunflower oil but it was messy and left greasy marks on the slide which
> picked up stain and were hard to get rid of. We now simply place the slides
> in 2 changes of xylol, blot them and wash in water for 10-15 minutes it
> gives perfect results everytime and the slide is clean.

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