Re: TUNEL Expertise Needed

Here is the number to a self-proclaimed TUNEL expert Frances Swain, she has
been very helpful(although I think we are going to try caspase 3).
501.686.8739 in Little Rock, Ark.

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                                Subject:     TUNEL Expertise Needed        
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Dear Histonetters,

We have a researcher that had sheep myocardial tissue that upon necropsy he
put in 70%ETOH.  When he went to do his TUNEL staining, he noted
staining rendering his project useless.  Would he be able to 1) cut
from the processed tissue and post-fix the slides in formalin or
paraformaldehyde to make his stain work?  2) If not, could he take the
remaining wet tissue that is currently in 70%ETOH and put it in a fixative
then process as normal and get results with his TUNEL staining?   Your help
is greatly appreciated.


Tom Galati
Histology Laboratory Director
HSRL- A GLP Compliant Contract Laboratory
137 S. Main Street
Woodstock, VA  22664
fax: (540)459-8217

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