Re: Please help!!

From:Barry Rittman

are you sure that you want to use PAS?
If you are looking at germ cells I would think that a Feulgen might be more
appropriate. Would you let us know what you are trying to demonstrate so that
we can help you.

Ayesha Joshi wrote:

> Hi! There...
> I want to stain rat germ cells with 'Periodic Acid Schiff's staining" or
> PAS Staining method. The cells are in smears on a polylysine caoted slide.
> Could anybody out there send me a protocol? All hepl recieved would be
> most helpfull.
> Also, is there anybody who does Immunohistochemistry(IHC) with rat testis
> sections? If yes then please could you send me a basic protocol? I have
> tried doing IHC with many antibodies so far but even though the normal IgG
> control does not give DAB reaction, there is no specific staining in case
> of the specific IgG. Can it be concluded that the antibodies are not good
> for IHC? They are commercial antibodies and according to the catalogue,
> can be used for IHC. Please help!!
> Thanks..
> Ayesha.
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>   Indian Institute of Science
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